How To Extend Ankle Straps On Shoes

How To Extend Ankle Straps On Shoes?

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Wearing the right kind of shoes for any activity is crucial in maintaining foot health and avoiding injuries. However, sometimes even the most comfortable and well-fitted shoes could cause discomfort if not worn properly. This is where the use of ankle straps on shoes comes in. Ankle straps help secure the shoe onto the foot, prevent slipping and twisting, and keep the foot stable during movements. However, if the ankle straps are too tight or not adjustable, they can cause discomfort and even pain. That is why it is important to learn how to extend ankle straps on shoes, to ensure that the shoes fit comfortably and do not put too much pressure on the foot or ankle. In this guide, we will explore some simple methods to extend ankle straps on shoes and make them fit better.

three life hacks for thicker ankle:

three life hacks for thicker ankle

As an AI language model, I cannot guarantee that these “life hacks” will result in thicker ankles, as the size of one’s ankles is largely determined by genetics. However, here are three tips that may help give the appearance of thicker ankles:

Choose shoes with ankle straps

Wearing shoes with ankle straps, such as sandals or high heels, can create the illusion of thicker ankles. The straps draw attention to the ankle area and make them look more substantial.

Build muscle in the lower leg

While you can’t change your genetics, you can strengthen your lower leg muscles through exercises like calf raises, lunges, and squats. This can give your lower legs a more toned appearance, and in turn, make your ankles appear thicker.

Experiment with ankle weights

Wearing ankle weights during workouts can help to build muscle in your lower legs and ankles. Additionally, you can wear ankle weights around the house while doing everyday tasks, although caution should be exercised as improper use of ankle weights could result in injuries. Remember to always consult with your doctor or medical professional before starting any exercise routine or utilizing any equipment.

hook ankle straps extenders

hook ankle straps extenders

Hook ankle strap extenders are small accessories that can be attached to the existing hook and loop closures or buckles on shoes with adjustable ankle straps. Ankle strap extender for heels and ankle strap extender for shoes is common problem. They come in different widths to fit various strap sizes and can extend the length of the strap by up to several inches. Hook ankle strap extenders are simple to use, as they feature a hook-and-loop closure that attaches to the existing closure on the shoe.

This allows the strap to be extended without damaging or altering the shoe in any way. Additionally, some models are adjustable, allowing you to customize the fit further. Hook ankle strap extenders can be a helpful solution for those who find that their ankle straps are too tight, allowing them to wear their favorite shoes more comfortably.

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measure the length of your shoe straps 

To measure the length of your shoe straps, you will need a measuring tape or a ruler. Follow these steps:

  • Locate the ankle strap on your shoe. This is the strap that wraps around the ankle and secures the shoe to your foot.
  • If your ankle strap has a buckle, measure the length of the strap from the buckle to the hole that you usually use to fasten the strap.
  • If your ankle strap has hook and loop closures, measure the length of the strap from the end of the hook and loop closure strip to the point where the strap meets the shoe.
  • Make a note of the exact measurement of the ankle strap.
  • Repeat the process for the other ankle strap, as they may be of different lengths.

The length of your shoe straps may vary depending on the style of the shoe and the brand that you are wearing. If you are using ankle shoe strap extenders and ankle strap extender buckle make sure to select the correct size that fits your ankle strap’s width and length.

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Before attempting to extend your shoe straps, consider the following preparations:

Determine the type of ankle strap closure

Ensure that you know what type of closure your shoe’s ankle strap has, as there are several types, including buckles, velcro, and hook-and-loop closures.

Purchase the correct extender

Make sure to acquire extenders that are compatible with the closure type and the width of your ankle strap. Reading reviews and checking product specifications can help you find the right extender for your shoe.

Clean the shoe

Clean your shoes properly before attaching extenders to ensure proper adhesion and lasting results.

Test fit the extender

Before attaching the extender for good, test fit the strap extender to ensure that it is extending the strap enough to make the shoe fit more comfortably.

By considering these preparations, you can ensure that you correctly use the ankle strap extenders for a better and more comfortable shoe buckle extenders fit.

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Follow these steps to attach the ankle strap extender to your shoe strap:

Clean the shoe strap

Use a clean, dry cloth to get rid of any debris, dirt, or oil on the surface of the shoe strap. This will ensure that the adhesive sticks well to the surface.

Apply the extender

Take the ankle strap extender and center it over your shoe strap. Begin applying the adhesive to the strap, starting from one end of the extender and gradually moving towards the other end. Repeat the process for the other shoe ankle strap.

Press firmly

Ensure that the extender is applied evenly and without bumps. Press on the extender and the original strap firmly to secure it in place. Allow the adhesive to dry as instructed.


Once the adhesive has completely dried, test the new fit of your shoes. Make sure that the extender has adequately increased the length of the ankle strap and that it’s not too loose or too tight.

Remember that these steps may vary depending on the type of ankle strap extender you are using, so make sure to follow the specific manufacturer’s instructions. Always double-check the fit of your shoe, and avoid walking long distances until you are sure that the new strap extension is secured.

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how to add a zipper inserts to boots 

how to add a zipper inserts to boots 

Adding a zipper insert to boots can be a bit more complicated than attaching a strap extender. It is recommended that you have some sewing skills; however, if you are confident in your ability, follow these steps:

Material and tools

You will need a zipper, thread and needle, scissors, seam ripper, and a sewing machine.


Choose a zipper that is the same length as the existing shaft of the boot. Carefully untack the lining of the boot shaft on the inside, where the zipper will be attached. This may require the use of a seam ripper. Start from the top or bottom of the boot and work your way along the seam. Be careful not to damage the lining.

Pin the zipper

Open the zipper and lay it face down on the lining, covering the seam you have just unpicked. Align the zipper’s teeth along the edge of the lining, making sure enough lining material is folding over the zipper tape’s edge. Use a few pins to hold it in place.

Sew the zipper

Use a sewing machine or sew by hand to stitch the zipper to the lining, ensuring to stitch as close to the zipper teeth as you can. Check that the zipper opens and closes correctly.

Affix the lining

Carefully fold and then sew the now-exposed lining fabrics back to the boot material to cover the zipper tape. Use a needle and thread to sew the lining and the boot material together along the same seam.


Test the new zipper by opening and closing it several times to ensure it functions correctly. 

Remember, this task can be challenging and may require more than a single attempt. It may be helpful to seek out guidance from a professional or a friend experienced in sewing to ensure a successful outcome.


Extending ankle straps on shoes can be a useful solution for those looking to make their shoes feel more comfortable. It can be especially helpful for those who experience discomfort or tightness in the shoe ankle strap extender area due to their shoes’ straps. learn how to extend ankle straps on shoes. How to extend velcro straps on shoes? The process of extending the ankle strap extender hook and heel strap extender can be straightforward, and you have several options to choose from, including ankle strap extenders and zipper inserts. Remember to take appropriate measures when adding any attachments to your shoes to avoid damaging them.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and seek professional help where necessary. In all, extending ankle straps can make shoes feel more comfortable, providing you with the support and stability you require when walking or engaging in physical activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you choose a well-fitting and correctly sized extender, it can provide a comfortable and secure fit.

It is recommended to avoid using extenders on soft or delicate materials as it may damage them. If you plan to use an extender, ensure it is compatible with the material of the shoe.

The lifespan of ankle strap extenders depends on the quality of the product and frequency of use. High-quality extenders can last for years, while cheaper options may be less durable.

Yes. Most ankle strap extenders can be removed if not permanent or sewn on. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on removal and avoid damaging the shoe.

It is not recommended to use them at the same time as it may alter the fit of the shoe, increasing the likelihood of discomfort or injury.

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